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The pendant available above sports an original circle Twisted wire design made by me. I have a series of several pendants available made in this style, but all are a tad different. These pendants are made by twisting copper wire, that I then hammer into a very organic circle, or oval shape. I next place a sweet sterling silver heart amongst the twists and turns, along with any other silver accents, or gemstones. The overall shape is similar to a circle, but yet still very organic and untamed. The patina finish, and high polish on certain areas of the piece really make it a show stopper. This adorable Heart pendant is more than ready to symbolize your version of "Twisted Love." The pendant above is a signature that will be available for custom orders if anyone would like to add a gemstone to the design above, feel free to message me.

The "Twisted Love" series is one I'm currently working on this Spring. I've been experimenting with different jewelry styles, and ideas for new, unique, original metalsmith artwork. And this is what I have come up with. These Twisted Love pieces will all have similar materials and techniques used that will keep them all similar, but each piece will still always have it's own character, from being handmade. This twisted copper wire, and use of silver hearts will be the base of my design, but each piece will have it's own handmade hallmark depending on the jewelry. I will be incorporating the Twisted Love design into several of my jewelry pieces that will be available for custom order, or purchase outright. All the designs will feature the same amount of material, but the twisting, hammering, and placement of the sterling silver accents will give each of these pieces its's very own look & feel. 

Sterling and copper heart pendant


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