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Fine Art Pet Portraits

I would love to make your dreams come true

 of owning a Beautiful Fine Artwork of your best friend!


I am currently taking clients for 2024!

Email me today to commission your very own pet portrait.

Pet Portrait: Fine Art Oil Painting on Canvas
Details & Information

I specialize in creating a unique Oil painting that will immortalize your beloved pet forever.

My expertise does not end with one type of Animal!

I use my painting expertise to create portraits that reflect the personality, and spirit of your pet.

Each portrait is crafted with quality paints, and attention to detail.

I am willing to work with the client to ensure a stunning and timeless piece of art that they can cherish forever.


Sizes of canvas, & Prices are below.

I do work as a full-time artist, so I can fit your pet portrait into my schedule easily.

A portrait painting typically takes me about 2-3 weeks' time start to finish, with added shipping time depending on where you live.

(Arrival expected around 4 weeks from purchase date.)


Small canvas is 9x12 for 260$.


Medium canvas is 11x14 for 320$.


Large canvas is 16x20 for 460$.

Please note as a reference:

Smaller canvases may require a simplification, or reduction in details to maintain clarity and avoid overcrowding the composition.

The larger the canvas size, The more details that can be added to any specific area of the painting. 

A small 9x12 canvas is best suited for face and chest portraits, & colored backgrounds.

A 16x20 canvas is best suited for full body images, or detailed backgrounds.

Given the intricacy and extra time involved of incorporating detailed backgrounds, and rendering full-body portrayals, there will be additional charges associated with each of these elements in a painting.

(an additional 50$ will be charged to the above prices for each full body rendition, or detailed background.)

 I do require a deposit of half, or a full payment before I start your pet portrait painting.

I'm happy to help you choose an image, background or answers any questions.​


I'm happy to start on your portrait whenever I am sent a usable image, and we decide on a desired background.

Please read the picture reference information below if you are thinking of getting a pet portrait done by Blu Artwork Designs.

Pet Portrait: Fine Art Oil Painting on Canvas
Picture References

I am excited to begin working on your beloved pet's portrait, and to ensure that I capture every detail with the utmost precision and warmth, I kindly request a clear, high-quality photo taken in natural light.

Here's why a clear, natural light reference is crucial:

  1. Detail and Accuracy: Natural light enhances the details and colors of your pet's fur, eyes, and features. This allows me to create a lifelike and accurate representation of your furry friend.

  2. True Colors: Artificial lighting can distort colors, leading to inaccuracies in the final portrait. Natural light ensures that the true essence of your pet's coat and markings is faithfully captured.

  3. Emotional Connection: Natural light adds a warm and authentic touch to the photograph, helping me convey the genuine emotions and personality of your pet in the portrait.

To achieve the best results, please consider the following when taking the photo:

  • Choose a well-lit area with ample natural light, preferably outdoors or near a large window.

  • Ensure your pet is relaxed and comfortable, capturing their natural expressions.

  • Use a high-resolution camera or smartphone to capture the details clearly.

  • Please no screenshots, blurry, or pixelated images, they simply don't help.

Feel free to send multiple photos from different angles, and I will select the one that best suits the composition that we chose.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the photo-taking process, please don't hesitate to reach out.

I appreciate your cooperation in providing the best possible reference for your pet's portrait.

I'm looking forward to creating a beautiful and timeless piece that celebrates the unique personality of your cherished companion.

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Kind Words  

"I worship my picture. I hung it right next to my bed. It’s even better in person. It’s like she’s jumping out of the painting . Thank you so much ! I’ve had quite a few pet portraits done over the years and I’ll be honest I never liked any of them until now."

Pet portrait oil painting,

Jody M. North Carolina

Pet Portraits
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