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Blu artwork designs LLC

Blu artwork designs is a brand representing the

Fine Artist & Photographer

Gabriela Zardus.

est. 2023


My brand name is derived from the words Beauty, Love, & Unity.

Something I associate all my artwork with.

Always seeing the absolute beauty that photography can capture.

The love that goes into metalsmithing a piece of gemstone jewelry.

& the unity that occurs within the brushstrokes of a finished painting.

BLU artwork designs has been created to encompasses all of my Different styles of Artwork that I have dedicated my life to perfecting.

Professional Photography

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry


Fine Art Painting



I am a nature & animal lover.

I grew up in southern New Jersey on a small horse farm.

I always thought I wanted to be a veterinarian growing up.

From rats, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, koi, to horses,

I have had many different pets over the years, & I love them all like Family.

Now, let's all make a positive influence together,

& bring beauty, love, & unity to others through artwork!​

Artist Statement

"My Artwork"

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the beauty of nature, and the fascinating world of animals.

No matter what, I always seem to find animals and nature the most captivating of all subjects, and it has been a driving force behind my work ever since I began taking photographs at a young age. 

Throughout the years, my love for these subjects has only intensified, and they have become a central theme in my Photography.

My Original Artworks showcased on my website are a reflection of my unwavering passion for the natural world, and I strive to inspire others to share in this admiration through my work.

 By booking, purchasing, or supporting my business Blu Artwork Designs 

 you are sharing in my artistic passion, & allowing my spirit to thrive.

Thank you.


Bachelor's in Fine Art
Gabriela Zardus

Customer Service Professional

2008- present day

Confident in using my customer service skills to promote positive sales. Various people skills, & skilled in various high paced situations and jobs. Confident in improving the consumers overall experience within the company. Experienced in sales, and marketing strategies related to small business, to further promote a positive experience for the consumers.

Professional Photographer

2012- present day

Extremely Proficient in using various DSLR cameras, and equipment for professional use. While also having experience with 35 mm cameras, medium and large format, and polaroid cameras. As well as knowledgable in developing 35 mm film, making b&w prints, and other darkroom techniques such as “burning” and “dodging.” Easily demonstrates artistic talent when using studios, various lighting, composing shots, posing clients and products, and all postproduction. Including but not limited to, retouching photographic images, color corrections, detailed masking effects. Skilled in using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for various graphic design and editing purposes. Can provide professional drawings, illustrations, graphic art, or photography services for various commercial uses. I am very confident in using photo editing software, and photographing under any circumstances to achieve my desired "shot", wether in camera or through editing.

Professional Fine Artist

2014- present day

Skilled in the use of different artistic mediums such as oil, acrylic, & watercolor paints, pen and ink, colored pencils, charcoal, and pastels. I have produced professional graphic art for business/brand purposes. As well as being educated in using several other mediums such as resins, and polymer clay, and various jewelry making techniques. Capable of working with precious and semiprecious metals, and various gemstones to create detailed metalwork, and artisan jewelry. Confident in using many traditional metal smithing tools and techniques such as hammering, stamping, soldering, using torches, drills, saws, acids, and enamels.

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