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Horse Shows 2024

Gloucester County Dream Park Horse Shows

April 20-21

July 6-7

August 3-4

September 28-29

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Horse Show

Through my lens, I strive to convey the grace, power, and beauty of these wonderful animals.


I truly love capturing the beautiful performances, and the unique bonds between the horses and riders that can be seen at every horse show I attend.

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Photography done by your fellow horse girl!


My journey into equine photography has been marked by heartwarming childhood nostalgia.

From riding lessons & caring for my own horses, to countless hours at horse shows.


My love for horses will be one that never dwindles. 


I am only so lucky that my true love for horses and photography are able to intertwine so seamlessly.

Whether in the heart of the competition ring, or amid the quiet moments, My passion for horses is reflected in each frame.

From those sweet nose kisses, adorable perky ears, & intimate bear hugs, to the gritty faces of competitions.



My portfolio showcases not only the technical proficiency in freezing dynamic moments, but also an intuitive grasp of the expressions and movements that define the equestrian world to us "horse people".


My 20+ years of experience as a horse owner, and rider allows me to confidently offer a variety of photography options for my fellow horse lovers and clients.

Past Horse Shows