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This Boho design triple turquoise statement pendant is available, & able to show off your inner gypsy through a necklace. Full sterling silver,, and turquoise. This pendant is a fun one, created with three different stocks, shapes, and colors of turquoise. (Made to match my triple turquoise ring) Be Sure to grab some attention with this piece. This pendant was stamped & cut in a rustic design. I love the way this pendant sits on the chain, sterling, and with plenty of sterling silver accents, will be noticed. The pendant has a good weight, & even sports a sweet message on the backside that anyone can relate to. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. The universal statement. This pendant was created to give you some love, fun, and style.

Silver Triple stacker Turquoise Floral ring

  • Handmade pieces are created by highlighting the traditional processes of Silversmithing. As a Professional Fine Artist, I take pride in the quality of each and every piece I produce & sell. In each artwork, the stone is handpicked, designed, and then executed by me.

    At BluArtwork, I only use quality materials in my products, & each is sold with a 30 day Money back guarantee, if for any reason dissatisfied.

    As a true handmade hallmark, No two pieces are ever exactly the same. Each creation represents the Love, Joy, Freedom, & Failures of a hardworking artisan making a living in Southern New Jersey. BluArtwork Designs allows you to bring home the talent of a young artisan to be cherished forever. Namaste

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