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Have a go at these fun watercolor designed earrings & pendants. Using watercolor paper that I myself have experimented on was cut and set in resin with a brass backing. This series of watercolor and metal design was inspired by my painting and how I could combine the two mediums into one product. Introducing our stunning Watercolor & Resin earrings, each pair carefully crafted by hand to showcase unique and exquisite resin and watercolor artwork. As a jewelry artist, I pour my passion for art into each earring, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant to be treasured. The combination of watercolor and resin creates a beautiful and ethereal effect, making these earrings a true work of art for your ears. Add a pop of color and artistry to any outfit with these lightweight and eye-catching earrings, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your jewelry collection with these handcrafted Watercolor & Resin earrings and enjoy wearing a little piece of art with you wherever you go.

Watercolor & resin earrings


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