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Bring the serene beauty of the Maine coast into your home with this stunning oil painting "Maine Light House." Inspired by a trip to Bar Harbor with my current boyfriend, this piece captures the rugged coastline, dramatic cliffs, and the iconic Maine lighthouse. The use of rich, vibrant colors brings the scene to life, making it the perfect addition to any wall in need of a touch of natural beauty. Whether you've been to Maine or dream of visiting, this painting will transport you to the breathtaking landscapes of this picturesque coastal state. Add a touch of New England charm to your decor and enjoy the serenity of Maine's coastline every day with "Maine Light House."


Depicting a "Maine lighthouse"12x20, oil on canvas is the orignal painting. The painting above was inspired by a recent trip to Maine. We had stayed in Bar Harbor & the image above came from the view from the beach. I loved the trip and time spent in Bar Harbor, which also makes this painting very nostalgic. The price above is for the framed original oil painting, done on stretched canvas. With a Black plastic frame. 

Oil painting "Maine light house"


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