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The price below is for the original framed artwork. One of a kind.

"Abstract violets #1" is a mixed media artwork featuring violet flowers in shades of purple, created using a combination of watercolor and pastel techniques. The piece is highlighted with delicate gold outlines, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. Housed in a gold frame, this 7x9 work of art makes a gorgeous addition to any living space. The abstract style of the piece allows for interpretation and imagination, making it a unique and intriguing addition to any art collection.

This is one, of a four piece series, framed in gold.

The price above is for the purchase of the original artwork. The artwork is done one watercolor paper that has been framed. the images are just about 7x9 in. One of a kind floral imagery of abstract violets on watercolor paper. These mixed media works with gold outlines, and gold frames, are framed and ready to be hung or shown off in any room. The images depict florals in watercolor and pastel. the frames are 7x9 in and feature a bright gold finish. the watercolor is meant to depict abstracts of violet flowers.

"Abstract violets #1" watercolor painting on paper, framed


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